Introducing the first app to tackle social impact challenges by connecting the community and corporate to create impact and rewards.

Chip’N is an “Economy for Good” that provides individuals with opportunities to create change through technology. Users are rewarded by exchanging their earned “chips” for sponsored incentives. Rewards range from products from popular brands to tickets for a broad range of events and experiences.

As a national platform, Chip’N is engaging millennials and teens statewide to help build their communities by being active participants through service actions and education. Our goal is to provide difference makers with access to over one million influential opportunities.

So how do you use ChipN?

*Connect *Volunteer *Reward

Users will begin by creating a profile. They will then be able to search, sign up for or create volunteer events, view relevant content, track their “chips,” and gain access to a diverse community focused on creating change through action.

Track and share your impact in your community

The app provides detailed “Impact Analytics”

I. Education
II. Environmental Justice
III. Economic Sustainability
IV. Food Access

How to earn chips

I. Search and Volunteer in your local community

How to spend chips?

Users will be rewarded through the Chip’N Marketplace, which will feature products, tickets, and discounts from many of your favorite brands

I. Live Events & Experience Tickets
II. Gift Cards/Promo Codes
III. Product trials and Special Edition launches