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iChipN user

Has a great purpose, it is a must download. App of the future.

iChipN user

It cannot be overstated that the idea behind ChipN is brilliant. Given time, this app could become a game changer in promoting community service.

iChipN user

I received a Roots Picnic 2017 ticket for volunteering.  I loved volunteering at the urban garden in Philadelphia.  This app is a cool way to spotlight cool initiatives in the city

DOL Organic Garden at Blind Whino in Washington, DC

“What a great experience to work along side strangers! So filled with life :)”

DOL Organic Garden at Blind Whino in Washington, DC

Met incredible people and the volunteer lead is the nicest, most humble, person and just loves to shower you with encouraging words and created a very welcoming environment in this garden space! God bless her for real

Avenue Music Group (Universal Hip-Hop Parade) via AfroPunk - Brooklyn, NY

What an incredible empowering community experience! Such a beautiful message and positive energy!!

BAJI (We The News Story Circle) via AfroPunk – Brooklyn, NY

It was very thought provoking and helped me understand the narratives of the immigrant experience

NEST Music Conservatory via AfroPunk – Brooklyn, NY

Great community organization right in my borough!! They are doing amazing work providing music education for all!!!

Anacostia Park River Clean Up – Washington, DC

Lots of passerbys interested in what we were doing and excited about the Green movement in DC. Very rewarding!!!

#HashtagLunchBag – Washington, DC

Very fun! Wonderful organization members and help from the Baltimore Police Department! It is an honor to meet Commissioner K. Davis!

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Questions About iChipN

Frequently asked questions.

  • “You can find volunteer by clicking on the “volunteer” button that is on the home screen.  The map defaults to your current location.  You can use your fingers to navigate around the map to either zoom in or zoom out of the map by using a pinch motion.  If you prefer to view volunteer events in a list form there is a “List” button at the top right of the screen that will switch the view. To change the map to a different location you can click the “Change” button and enter a zip code for a new location.  Also there a filters available to filter events by a date range or a particular event category.  Click on the event marker (in map view) or the event row (in list view) to view details of the event.  Once you have found an event that you would like to attend.  Click “I will attend” to reserve your spot. “)
  • If an event is full, it is best to look for another event to attend.  We routinely list new events on ChipN.  If you really want to volunteer at an event and it is full you can contact the volunteer coordinator to attend.  However, you will not be able to earn any Chips for attending a full volunteer event.”
  • “We routinely list new events.  Please continue to check back to determine if there are any new events available.”
  • “Please go to “Your Events” and slide your finger left on the event that you can no longer attend.  A “Cancel Attendance” button will appear, where you can cancel your attendance.  Please be sure to cancel your attendance at least 24 hours in advance to ensure that you are not assessed any Chip Penalties”
  • “Chips are earned based on the amount of time you spent volunteering.  In order for this app to track your time accurately you must Check In to an event and Check Out of an event.  Please ensure location services are enabled during the Check In and Check Out process and please also ensure that your phone battery is fully charged and that you do not logout.  ChipN is not responsible for issues due to device connectivity or forgetting to Check In or Check Out. “
  • “Unfortunately due to the limited nature of ChipN events and so that we can ensure that volunteer slots are taken by people who actually plan to show up, we had to implement a penalty system.  Chip Penalties are only assessed when a volunteer does not attend an event without sufficient notice.  To find out more about Chip penalties please go to “
  • “If your account is suspended, please contact us at to discuss options for being reinstated.”
  • “First, please be sure you are registered to attend the event you are at.  If the event you are at is within the list of events on the “Your Events” screen then you are registered.  Second, please be sure that your location services are enabled for ChipN and that you have network connectivity.  Third, please check your email (including spam folders) for an email from that describes the check in code for your event.  Alternatively an on-site coordinator should have the check in code.  If you are still having issues please contact us at “
  • “The events you signed up for are on the “Your Events” screen.  You can access this screen by pressing the “Your Events” button on the home screen. “
  • “ChipN measures the time spent volunteering from the point in time you Checked In until the point in time you Check Out or the published end time of the event.  It is important to understand that if you volunteer after the published end time of the event your volunteer time will not be counted.  It is also not possible to be counted for volunteer time beyond the maximum published duration of the event.”
  • “You can redeem your Chips for a marketplace item by clicking the “Marketplace” button on the home page.”
  • “Unfortunately we do not offer refunds for any marketplace product orders”
  • “It typically takes 5 – 7 business days to receive an order from the ChipN marketplace”

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